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“Thank you Bricks & Brass - a great site for those who care about their old houses. We would have found it invaluable when renovating our daughters first house a few years ago, a pretty 1880 Victorian terrace, as we were under immense pressure from the 'concrete is best' lobby! We have an Edwardian house which fortunately has been left alone for much of it's life so will be making use of your site to seek advice on the inevitable maintenance, starting with the sash windows.”

“Hooray for the internet and people like you. Many thanks.”

“I have to say your site is terrific - so informative, very clear, well organised and with excellent drawings so we, the uninitiated, can find our way around. Many, many thanks.”

“Just to let you know that your website is the best I have come across for the bits to restore a period house and has been a great help!”

“Just wanted to take the time to thank you for such excellent DIY web-pages packed full of clear information and advice. You've certainly helped me ... so thank you very much”

“My advice would be, instead of spending your time researching the Land Registry it would be time better spent learning how to do the job, dating properties comes with experience and study. If you don’t have any experience I suggest you study a bit harder and not rely on inaccurate/misleading information from the Land Registry.

Bricks and Brass have a great website full of information; you may wish to start there (google it).

RdSAP relies heavily on the DEA estimating the right age band of the property for things such as window areas, floor insulation, wall insulation (U-values) etc, I’m not having a go but if a DEA cannot get the age band right they should not be doing the job!”

UK Home Inspectors Forum

“This website is really interesting. I was only looking for coving and I've spent an hour looking at the styles etc. I can't wait to decorate now!”

“Great website. I spent well over an hour browsing. Thank you.”

"We have been in [our Victorian] property for 2 months now, and I regularly visit your fantastic site for ideas, and help.”

“Thanks very much for your reply. This is the most useful information I've had about this problem [paint removal] in 2 years!”

“Just wanted to say that you have a fantastic website - a brilliant resource for someone who has just bought a period house - like me!! It's also well laid out, informative and easy to navigate, and is therefore bliss to use! Someone has spent a lot of time and effort on the content and they deserve a pat on the back. I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I was that impressed I just had to tell you.”

“I have found your website most informative and interesting.”

“I really enjoyed looking through your web site. I am 9 and am studying the Victorians in school at the moment and you have given me lots of useful help.”

“Thank you for this brilliant website, it has been of great help to me.”

aecportico Site of the Week: November 2003

Bricks & Brass has been chosen as an aecportico Site of the Week.

aecportico is one of the UK's leading directories for architecture, engineering and construction. Only carefully selected and reviewed sites are included on aecportico, and only a very few of them are considered good enough to rate a Site of the Week award.

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SAPLING Site of the Month: October 2003

With around 300 pages absolutely jam-packed with information, this site is huge! It is also highly accurate, having only been updated earlier this month. This is THE site to come to if you own, are thinking of owning, or are renovating a period house. It has highly detailed information on all major architectural and design periods including Georgian, Gothic, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and so on. For each period it lists decor information, tips about restoration and maintenance work, relevant companies and organisations, even the socio-historical usage of each period room with floor plans and very interesting explanations. The site also has a large glossary of terms and a tool with which you can accurately date your house! It is a treasure trove of information - and with such a renaissance in this field of period housing at the moment, it will no doubt prove to be of great worth to many people. Awarded a Sapling Commendation.

Site of the Month - Awarded by Sapling: Architecture, Planning & Landscape INformation Gateway

Site of the Month - Awarded by Sapling: Architecture, Planning & Landscape INformation Gateway