I've just discovered your exceptionally informative and useful site.

We're hoping to buy a house which -- we were told -- was built in the Thirties, but its style has more in common with Edwardian and even Victorian construction: high ceilings, bays popping out in all directions, and a big built-in farmhouse-type cupboard in the kitchen, for example. It also shows the characteristic dado rail in the hall only. At the same time, the stained glass is typical of the later date. So we'll have a lot of latitude decorating the house (with our limited budget!) -- if we really do get the house. Happily, there's a lot of stuff stored away in the cellar and garden shed, including some wicker...

By the way, I found a map from 1910 that shows the house, so it really is genuinely Edwardian and the estate agent was told the wrong date. Nice to know I picked up the clues, though -- thanks to you and the BBC site, which was also helpful in a minimalist sort of way.

Anyway, I found your site and have really enjoyed exploring it.

Thank you for all the research you've put into it. It really shows.

Mrs H Meyer