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Over 19476 people came to our website in October 2011. They looked at 59528 pages. 15073 visits came via Google.

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Where can I buy a door like the one…?

Who can you recommend to refurbish our sash windows?

Where can I get this dado rail... this plaster coving...?

We are restoring a building. What colours would be best…?

Channel 4's Kim and Aggie need to know how to clean a fireplace for their programme 'How Clean is Your House'.

We have been in our Victorian property for two months now, and I regularly visit your fantastic site for ideas, and help.

Great website. I spent well over an hour browsing. Thank you.

Just wanted to say that you have a fantastic website - a brilliant resource for someone who has just bought a period house - like me!! It's also well laid out, informative and easy to navigate, and is therefore bliss to use! Someone has spent a lot of time and effort on the content and they deserve a pat on the back. I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I was that impressed I just had to tell you.

Thanks so much for sharing this information with the rest of the world! We just bought a house in Appleton, Ontario, Canada and it was built in 1910 and all original! We are hoping to be able to have heritage tours of our house in the future...once we get better furniture. We would like to paint and decorate to the period of the house and your site has been a huge help. Thank you!

I am in the process of building a Victorian era Dolls House and am referencing almost everything to ensure I keep true to that era. Your web site is absolutely superb!! You have everything I need to answer my questions and give examples. If it came out in book form, I know that I would want one!! Thank you for such detailed information. A site worth visiting regularly!!