Useful Links

At Bricks & Brass we are happy to exchange links with non-commercial organisations who offer services of interest to period house owners. To propose a link exchange, please email us at:


The International Guild of Lamp Researchers

Founded in 1997 as a forum for the free and open exchange of information between lighting scholars worldwide.

House Extension Online

Though not specifically for period house owners, this site has a lot of information useful if you are thinking of extending your home.

Heritage Buildings Register

Highlight the historical importance of your home with a plaque.

The Online House Detective

Nick Barratt's site for people interested in tracing the history of houses, as well as any building in a town or village.

Researching Historic Buildings

Would you like to find out more about the history of your house? Do you want to research an historic building? If it is in the United Kingdom or Ireland you have come to the right place. This guide by Jean Manco will start you on the detective trail.

Trace My House

A guide if you are researching the history of a house - who built it, when it was built  and what design and materials are used and examining any changes that have been made, and the history of the home –who has owned it, who has lived in it and what did they do.