Period Houses for Press and TV

Bricks & Brass are regularly contacted for houses to feature in magazine and newspaper articles, and for TV programmes.

You can register your house with us; we will only disclose the information you provide after first confirming with you that you are willing to alow us to pass it on.

The requirements are many and varied; for example:

  • an Edwardian country house; interview with the owner and featured photographs
  • a Victorian house being renovated
  • an Edwardian terraced house in London for internal shots to lend atmosphere to a TV documentary
  • an Arts and Crafts house for a special article
  • a house where renovation is just completed or nearing completion
  • your dream home, all completed

We never know when a requirement will come and what will be needed so we would like your house for our database.

Please tell us:

Your first name

Your last name

Your phone number

Your email address

Approximate date of house eg '1860-1880'

Area; please give the name of the county or city

Description eg 'wreck', or 'fully restored to modern style', or 'fully restored to Gothic style'.

How did you hear about
Bricks & Brass?



Some payment may be made. For a film, the fee may be large, but for TV it is unlikely to be more than £500. For most magazine and newspaper articles there is no payment; you just receive some fame. However, you may be able to negotiate discounts with suppliers as they will receive publicity.