Press Release 1st October 2003

Bricks & Brass

01 OCTOBER 2003

23,000 Visitors Can't Be Wrong

The recent BBC series 'Restoration' provoked design gurus to attack people interested in old buildings for looking too much to the past. But that interest continues to grow. In September, the period house web site Bricks & Brass saw over 23,000 visitors. They valued the comprehensive information on the site and made more than 1900 searches for companies who help restore buildings or supply fixtures, fittings, paints and wallpapers.

While 'Restoration' drew attention to some key buildings in need of support, it failed to highlight the plight of less obviously wonderful buildings close to people in suburbia. Houses from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods are now valued and protected. There is increasing recognition of the importance to the urban landscape of homes from the 1920s and 1930s but this needs to be fostered, and we must prepare to add houses from the 1950s and 1960s to this list. Simon Tyrrell-Lewis of Bricks & Brass comments:

"These more modern houses are not from well-known architects and don't have obvious architectural merit but they will do one day. We will look back from our glass and steel warehouses to an era of comforting small rooms, of families grouped happily round a small TV. We will want to know what these houses looked like, and people who live in those that remain will want to replace crumbling PVCu windows with original designs."

Bricks & Brass helps the owners of all these houses; beginning with a guide to the buying process, getting to know your period home, how to care for it, and resources including books, events and a glossary.


Notes for Editors

In February 2001, Simon Tyrrell-Lewis launched Bricks & Brass to share his enthusiasm for houses built between 1830 and 1914. With over 300 pages of information, Bricks & Brass presents the history of houses in the United Kingdom built in the Victorian and Edwardian periods and later; A guide to architectural details and decor with tips about restoration and maintenance work. Contact information for companies providing essential services to the owners of old houses, such as fireplace restoration and encaustic tiles, and for organisations which can offer advice. Information about books on the history and care of period homes, a glossary of terms and interesting events.


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