Her Day

What was a typical day for a Victorian nanny of 1890? What did she do, who did he see?

Mary, the nanny to Ethel (four years old), Conrad (9) and Constance (14), lives with her parents not far from her employers, the Bush family.

Her day begins soon after 6am. She rises, washes and dresses.

If she has been quick, she gives a few minutes help to her parents' maid-of-all-work.

Just before 7am, she leaves the house, arriving at the Bush's a few minutes later.

Her first task is to get the children up, help them wash and dress, and then they have breakfast in the nursery.

She spends the rest of the day caring for the children, giving them lunch at about 1pm, and tea at the end of the afternoon.

Her final tasks for the day are to prepare the children for bed.

She returns home and again helps her own family's maid, before retiring for bed.