Using your Fireplace

Please read the notes on safety first.

Fuel Options

Your choice of fuels may be limited according to how your local authority applies any smokeless zone rules. Contact your Environmental Health Department for advice. Generally you will be allowed to burn either smokeless coal only or smokeless coal and wood. In any case, ensure that any wood is dry to minimise smoke production.

Setting a Fire

When building the fire, make sure you keep a good draught through the fuel; do not pack it too tight and avoid coal dust.

Loosely screw up pieces of newspaper into balls the size of small apples. Place these in the grate. Cover them with perhaps four to six pieces of dry kindling ie small sticks of wood. Add one firelighter if you want to guarantee success. Then place six to ten small pieces of coal or coke on top.

Lighting the Fire

To help the draught, leave a window ajar. Light the newspaper. As the wood begins to burn well, add a few more pieces of coal.

Once the fire is burning well, you can add dry logs. Note that they tend to spit; use a fine mesh guard.