Flooring in Edwardian Houses

Edwardian flooring was on mortar or concrete, or else over wooden joists. The flooring itself was of wooden floorboards, tiles or parquet. Floor coverings were rugs or carpets, and linoleum.

Like people in the last quarter of the 19th century, the Edwardians preferred rugs which could be taken outside and beaten. Rugs and loose carpets were from Turkey and India and in subdued colours. However, the grandest houses began to have fitted carpets once again.

Plain or decorative encaustic tiles were popular around fireplaces, in halls, kitchens, bathrooms, porches and toilets, and even on garden paths. Designs were more plain and some colours were more pale than in Victorian floors.

Parquet flooring in oak or walnut appeared (wood blocks on concrete), particularly in the more cottagey styles of house.

Some houses had linoleum patterned with stone and mosaic designs.