Building Survey - General Aspects

When conducting your own survey of a period house, check the following:

Rights of Access and Rights of Way

Ask for any information on these, for example access to the rear of a terrace, or if the house is reached via a lane or path.


Are there any guarantees for the following?

  • re-wiring
  • plumbing
  • roof
  • windows
  • damp treatment
  • dry rot
  • appliances
  • significant building work

Listed Building Status

Is the house listed? If it is listed, ask for evidence of permissions having been given for any recent work.

Council Tax Band

Which band is the house in and what was the last annual charge?

Building Control

Did any work require building control and is there documentation to cover this? Typical projects requiring approval are extensions, the removal of dividing walls and loft conversions.

Chimneys (Internal)

When were the chimneys last swept?

Electrical and Gas Appliances

Check the following for correct operation:

  • immersion heater
  • central heating
  • exterior lights
  • appliances being left eg cooker

Water Supply

Check the water pressure at the taps, both downstairs and upstairs.

Items to Remain

What items are being left by the vendor? If they are separately priced, what is the price of each? For example:

  • light fittings
  • TV aerial
  • cooker
  • curtain
  • built-in furniture
  • loft ladder