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Refurbishment project

Postby A&J » Sun Jun 04, 2006 1:11 pm

We have an East London Victorian semi in need of refurbishment and reconditioning including rewiring, a new central heating system, and replacement/refurbished woodwork, plaster and decorating throughout, possibly including new or restored plaster moulding. There is also some work needed to the fabric of the building, namely proper damp-proofing and some work to eliminate draughts around the front bay. Apart from designing and fitting a new bathroom we aren't planning any remodelling, and previous owners haven't done any such work that needs to be put right. We just want the interiors to be in good condition, sympathetic with the building, over new, safe heating and wiring. Any advice would be welcome, especially on two points:

- Does anyone have any recommendations (or non-recommendations) for a firm that could take on project management for the combined programme of works? For various reasons we wouldn't be able to manage this as piecework for ourselves.

- Given the existence of specialist sash window refurb companies (eg Ventrolla), would it make sense to keep this work separate from the main project, or does anyone have experience of a project manager successfully sub-contracting sash window work?

Many thanks in advance,
A and J
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